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Pests love the kitchen because the kitchen is where food is stored. But, the kitchen isn’t always the room that pests enter your home through. Experience one harsh winter and you know how pests can chew, claw and crawl their way inside your home through the basement or attic, then head straight for your kitchen.

Easy Ways To Prevent Pests From Feasting In Your Kitchen

One of the best ways to keep your kitchen pests free is to keep food tightly sealed in containers that are not easy to chew through, containers made of material like thick plastic or tin. Keep other food products in the freezer or refrigerator.Make sure that refrigerator and freezer doors close fully when shut. Other steps to keep your kitchen pests free include:

  • Keep food up. Limit where you and your family take food in your home, the fewer places, the better. Give the space where you ate a thorough wiping down at the end of a meal or after you finish snacking.This includes picking food away from sofas, chairs and flooring.
  • Wipe down counters. Vacuum regularly. Get in the habit of emptying the garbage regularly.
  • Cover kitchen vents with screens. Consider covering vents in other rooms at your home with screens as well, because again,although pests hang out in the kitchen, that may not be the room that they enter your home through.
  • Check windows and doors for cracks. Animals like mice only need a hole as big as a dime to enter your home. Look behind furniture when you run the vacuum cleaner. Do you see any holes in corners or walls? If so, seal them and check other rooms for animal droppings or feeding areas.
  • Inspect your roof, attic and basement. Try to keep your attic and basement clutter free, as this gives pests fewer hiding places. Instead of storing books and papers in the attic or basement, keep them in a metal filing cabinet in an office or space bedroom on the first or second floor.
  • Place a mesh fence around gardens. Also, keep gardens several feet away from your home. You can get a mesh garden fence in a variety of colors, like green, gray, black, orange or white.
  • Regularly inspect your home for an infestation.Some pests like ants may prefer to hang out around water, which could make the kitchen a favorite.
  • Locate the place of entry and seal if off. After doing repairs on your home, make sure that you seal up any breaks or openings.
  • Use flying insect repellent for gnats and flies.Regular insect repellent may not work on flying insects.

Contact a professional if pests remain in your home after you have taken precautions and pests elimination action steps on your own. However, don’t assume that just because a professional has come out and laid traps or sprayed that the problem is resolved. Keep checking the area until all signs of pests are gone.