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A roof is not something you usually think about or comment on when you are looking at a house. Unless, of course, the roof is unique or different in some way. Say, covered in a blue tarp because it is leaking or maybe a bad patch job. Alternatively, it has an original color or design, may be covered in a different material then you have seen before. Whether building a home or it is time to replace or repair your roof, the numbers of different kinds of roofing materials are plentiful out there on the market. Do your research and take your time in choosing what fits your budget, climate, your style and any amount of eco-friendliness you want on your roof. Your roof protects not only your belongings but also everyone inside your home.

Common Roofing materials:

Composition Shingles: 12-30 years. Fiberglass or cellulose coated in asphalt and mineral fillers. Most common roofing material choice.
- Wood Shingles: 20-25 years. Cedar-very durable, handles extreme storms, insect resistant
- Rubber Roofs: 30-50 years. low maintenance, cost effective, various styles and colors, can be made of recycled materials
- Metal Roofs: 50-75 years. Fire-resistant and can handle large amounts of snow and rain, lightweight compared to other roofing materials

Alternative Roofing materials:

Recycled materials- reduce landfill volumes, eco-conscience and creative.
- Solar Panels- cut down on your electric bill and may even make you some money.
- Cool or Warm Roofs- reflects heat to keep the house cooler or warmer in a particular climate.
- Green Roofs –will need some maintenance, eco-friendly, sustainable materials.

Decisions, decisions

The weather has much to do with how long your roof will last. The high wind areas need different materials for longevity then say dry, aired regions. Since roofing can be a considerable homeowner expense, make sure the type of roof is appropriate for your area. Also, having a reputable company do the work will go a long way to protect your investment in your house. Look for online reviews, a Better Business Bureau rating and even check with your local Chamber of Commerce to locate roofing companies that will do the job correctly and promptly. Ask friends or neighbors to recommend or suggest roofing installers in your area. Finally, another good source of information on roofing companies is your homeowner's insurance company. 

Check with your local realtor about what type of roofing materials they find will increase the value of homes in your area.